Unified Game Settings in Studio

Hi Developers,

For the past few months we have been hard at work building a central home for all game configuration within Studio. Our goal is for developers to be able to access all game settings without leaving Studio and not have to guess whether a particular setting belongs to places or games.

This new game settings interface is now live! You can access it by opening a game in Studio and clicking “Game Settings” on the ribbon.

Settings will be continuously added to this interface over the coming months until all functionality is accessible from Studio.

Let us know what you think!


Consistency is a beautiful thing. Can’t wait to see it grow over time :slight_smile:

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Sweet. I like this, since the site’s develop pages are really clunky in terms of functionality and usability as of right now.

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My first thought when reading the title is that studio settings save to your account so different computers with studio can be synced, but nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Still glad to see this change though!

I suppose this is a cool new thing. Hopefully new features will be added along with this, in the short future. :wink:

This is actually great! Something that I didn’t know I needed lol

Game settings, available right on Roblox Studio. Now that is epic…

Personally though, all things considered, I’m still most likely going to use the website to configure my places and games. I’m more accustomed to using Roblox Studio only to be productive and to worry about settings either at the beginning or when it’s necessary to tackle them.


This is something I didn’t know I needed until I had it lol


I definitely think this is a great improvement. Customisation is very important and it is always important for things to be accessed easily and in the correct places they’re meant to be in.

Yes! Less time I have to spend clicking the configure button on the site.

More time to develop

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In the long run, do you guys plan to discontinue the develop page entirely? It’s already very slow and outdated, and I’m sure Roblox would rather maintain one thing than two. Do you plan on moving 100% of the develop page to studio in the future?


Our long term plan is to discontinue the develop page in favor of putting all this functionality in Studio. We think it is a better user experience to put all this in Studio because you can easily change settings and it means our time does not need to be wasted on two parallel implementations.

However, we will do this gradually because there are a few issues to address:

  • Opening a non start place is much faster on web than Studio
  • Some critical functionality like shutting down servers needs to be available on all platforms and not just desktop

I’m glad to hear that! I think in the long run that will make developing so much less painful.

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Couldn’t this just be done through the game’s page?


This interface now has more functionality!

  • Viewing game icons
  • Viewing and reorganizing screenshots & videos

We are also working on making it possible to upload icons & screenshots images straight from Studio!


Yes I would like the ability to update my games descriptions/updates or shutdown servers from mobile as I am often away from my pc.
Such features would be especially useful in the Roblox app