Unintuitive To Return To Roblox From Creator Dashboard

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to return to the main Roblox website from the creator dashboard. This is an opinion that I have had for a while now, and another developer has addressed to me. To my knowledge, there is currently no supported method to return the main Roblox website without navigating through an asset’s or game’s dashboard. Although you may point out the use of the back button, I seldom visit the creator dashboard without taking multiple actions that would require many presses of the back button, which I can imagine is a shared behavior. As a result, I reenter the Roblox url each time I wish to return. Both alternatives lead to redundant behavior, which I believe could be improved by simply adding a button to return to the main Roblox website.


There is a “Roblox Home” button at the sidebar of the Creator Dashboard, which brings you directly to https://www.roblox.com/home, but it doesn’t stand out that much compared to the most commonly used buttons in the top bar so I could see why it’s not the most intuitive to find.

For some reason, it being labeled as “Roblox Home” threw me off when I had expected it to say “Return to Roblox” or something along those lines.


Oh gosh! :man_facepalming: Well I suppose the fact that multiple people have missed that is still indicative of the site’s intuitiveness. I (and I imagine others) expected to see that button on the top ribbon along with all other core-navigation buttons. I find its placement under resources to be a very unintuitive choice.


I had actually never noticed the button until seeing this topic (which made me look through the page super carefully this time) so I am also in the same boat where I reentered the URL / opened a new tab to return to the main Roblox site rather than using that button. Will be interesting to see how common this ends up being.

However, I imagine that the decision to not include the button in the top bar could have been made for the following reasons:

  • Consistency

    • Each button in the top bar keeps you in the Creator sub-domain whereas all the buttons in the Resources section currently redirect you to the main Roblox website or elsewhere.
  • Avoiding clutter

    • I noticed that when I make the window smaller to the point that some of the buttons would be cut off, those buttons are moved behind two additional actions (opening up side bar then selecting “Creator”) which means that having more buttons in the top bar would make that happen sooner, introducing more friction.

There’s probably a bunch of other reasons for its placement there but it’s still good to start conversations around the subject while the Creator site is being built out, as that’ll help them make sure the User Experience is continuously refined where necessary over time.


You can… literally just go to the address bar and simply type “roblox.com”… no need to click the back arrow 50 times lol-

I previously addressed that in my post, and it was mentioned in an above reply. The purpose of the post is to point out the intuitiveness, which the action of entering a url to return to a previous page is.

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I understand now, thanks. Yes, I agree with you that it is uncomfortable and annoying.

That button doesn’t even work.

Also thanks to the web dev that made the code so hard to look at

It’s worth noting that Roblox hosts most of it’s javascript and css code in stylesheets and other references that are not in the original html document, if you check on the actual page, that button works and opens Roblox in a new tab (which is less ideal than redirecting via the current tab, but it still ‘works’)

The button doesn’t work for me, idk why. Neither a statement appears that may redirect us to Roblox