Union cannot be separated


A rather old union cannot be separated.An error message pops up with the text: “Separate failed: Part type not supported in CSG. Only blocks, spheres, cylinders, wedges, and corner-wedges are currently supported”


Curiously two WedgeParts are properly created and positioned, but are not removed from the Union.

A repro: UnionSeparationRepro.rbxl (14.3 KB)


Try changing it to the old version and see if it will let you

Go on Settings Physics and DisableCSGv2



This changes the error to: “This union is not currently solvable. Try offsetting the parts from each other or try unioning each part individually.”


Are you selecting more then 1 at the same time? if so do one by one


There is 1 union in the place file. The repro is in OP.


When trying to union it with the old CSGv2 the wedges separate and they dont aven separate they get duped. I think your best option is to redo it