Union Corruption

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Yes, i tried using the javascript code method to retain my corrupted unions, but they are all way too old, i made like 2 to 3 new changes to it, and those are all large changes that took me at least 4 hours to make.
now everything is gone, i am doing it on a local file, which means that I don’t have a version history file thing.
I literally got this error doing other stuff(not relating to unions) and then I realised that i need to change a union, and the union just vanished when i separate it. I did nothing, not even publishing or saving or whatever. The unions just disappeared, i tried restarting it, they completely vanished without even showing the unions now. Then I realised that it was corrupted, trying all the methods I can find, i am still unable to recover my union. Is there another way of doing it(not the paste javascript code into console method) Thanks. I rarely goes into building and I mainly focus on programming, so it would be very helpful if there is a way for me to recover all of the unions completely. Sorry for the chunky words i have here, thanks for reading it and I am really hoping to get a solution.


Man how do I explain this horrible problem/bug in studio which happened to me… :confused:

I made about 20 houses. And I made all of them by using the Union Feature on Roblox. After completing em, I published it, went inside the game and they were all invisible. Had to redo all of them unfortunately. You’ll just sadly have to union them again. Also to mention, reverting to old version does not solve this problem.

But, when you do Union them, copy the truck & save that as a model. If the union does not show when you test it in-game, just paste in the model.

This is a major studio bug which is in studio for months & probably years.

This post covers how to prevent this corruption:

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thats why i love scripting more :slightly_smiling_face:
anyway i am going to learn blender and do everything in blender, thats probably the easiest way out.

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Once a union is corrupted, the model is corrupted, retaining any model is virtually impossible.
I’ve dealt with similar issues, and I’d recommend to use blender for anything you’re going to put time into.
CSG is currently a buggy mess, hopefully roblox fixes it.

yeah i am currently rebuilding my model with the unions that i have recovered, which is better then rebuilding from scratch, just gonna learn blender