Union corrupts after publish

I did as much research as I could before making a Forum Post about this issue.
When I was working on my Build I noticed every time I published a game to Roblox all unions get corrupted, if I try to separate them, the unions just delete. I’ve known about this issue happening to other people but never because publishing is the root of there problem, this only started recently and I have had to re-create all of my unions before I realized I should make backups before publishing.


Before Publish

After Publish


Publish Error

Additional Info
Before this, I have never had a problem with unions in Roblox studio so I don’t understand why this is an issue for me now.

I also get this error message in output that I only noticed rewatching the video I took

Error Message


-22:36:55.509 - SolidModelContentProvider failed to process https://assetdelivery.roblox.com/v1/asset?id=4937150753 because 'could not fetch'

Unfortunately, recovering unions isn’t the issue I just can’t publish them to Roblox without them corrupting.

Hm, you could try importing them into Blender which will turn them into meshes, then export it into Studio again.

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Reported here:


Huh, that explains a lot since I had the same issue a week ago.

Still, importing the union into Blender ( if it’s not invisible ) should turn it into a mesh instead of a glitched union.

I don’t know if it works or not, but it’s the best solution i can think of.

This is a possible solution however, I plan on making adjustments later.
Also that’s a way to lengthy process for something that should be so simple

Not really, it would probably take a few minutes tbh.

As for the “making adjustments” thing, i think there’s a way to do that in Roblox Studio, but i gotta do some experiments to see if it’s possible.

nvm, Studio doesnt support this yet.

You still can use my method, but you’ll have to modify the union in Blender.

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Okay so, instead of using that many parts to form that shape for a Union, WHICH WILL ADD A HUGE AMOUNT OF ADDITIONAL LAG! You could make that shape in Blender in the slightest bit of time. If you have any more questions I’d happily answer them, on how to do this, and some tutorials you can watch.

Hi there!
It seems to be a temporary glitch I’ve mentioned before where you union, try to publish and it disappears. If you restart Studio then go back, your union should still be there. Now if it disappears altogether even after starting the whole application, your problem is an entirely new breed.

And slightly off topic but is it just me or has Studio been incrementally becoming more and more unusable within the past few months for building?

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