Union Invisible After Creation

Alright, so if you saw my last thread about this this is the same thing. This is even worse. My union is literally just a brick with a cylinder as a negative part. It was visible the day I made it, and today it’s invisible. This angers me so much. It’s LITERALLY JUST A TWO PART UNION, and it’s invisible. ROBLOX really needs to step their game up, I used a plugin called the Show Decomposition Geometry, and here’s proof that it used to exist.

When I turn it off, it’s completely invisible.
Union the day before it became invisible

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The union is likely corrupted. You can try turning on ReloadAssets in Settings > Rendering > Reload Assets. If that doesn’t work, you can try recreating the union using CSGv1 by going to Settings > Physics > scrolling down to the bottom > Disable CSGv2.

ReloadAssets, is on and the best option is to recreate the Union. This may be easy for this time, but it might not for extremely detailed and complex unions that people have spent an hour on, like a rock or so forth.

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FWIW if it’s a huge ordeal to rebuild the union, this guide exists for trying to recover it.

Oh my god! I’m a big fan of your game, anyway, this could be useful for future problems with CSG. Thanks!

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