Union shading ruined after recent studio update

CSG V3 has yet another issue, that recently came up with a new studio update.

Shading on parts that you negate into, will become very glitched and inaccurate.

This curved piece looks flat when in reality, it isn’t.

Trying to use smoothingangle to fix it will only fix certain unions, not complex ones. Sometimes you will get actual issues like this.

This bug has prevented me and people I know from really working on their projects.


This has been happening with me as well. Below is the result of simply separating an existing union, which caused select faces to lighten significantly in color. Setting the SmoothingAngle to 1 can fix this issue, but it is inconsistent and entirely interrupts a person’s workflow.

I have been meaning to paint this for a few days now, but have been unable to due to this bug.


Yeah, ive been experiencing similar issues as of recent. Almost as if lighting is reversed on the negated areas

Hopefully a fix is sent out soon.