Union Transparency Bug

While testing vehicle suspension on my Crown Victoria I noticed when I angled the camera and the car at a certain angle all the unions would turn transparent. From what I observed the unions had to be moving and not stationary otherwise they’d render fine.

(link to Gif if it doesn’t work: https://gyazo.com/874da8310d9c725f23a7cb31929afbe0)

I have not observed this before with vehicles I’ve made in the past where the unions were welded together normally with a “Weld” instance. This may have to do with me experimenting with the new “WeldConstraint”

P.S. If somebody can help me with SpringConstraints that’d be great


This looks maybe related to what Shedletsky was experiencing.

If the origin is incorrect, it thinks the car is offscreen even when it isn’t and stops rendering it.

cc @Silent137

This is happening in Vehicle Simulator too, but w/the helicopters.

Just started happening in my games that I haven’t touched with cars.
If this is happening on multiple front page games then this needs to be elevated to ROBLOXCRITICAL.

Edit: It’s happening in Robloxian Highschool, Jailbreak, Swordburst 2 as well.
PC, Windows 10.


This doesn’t meet the criteria.

You’re right it does not meet this criteria.

This is unfortunately a bit silly though since it becomes a situation where top games are rendering improperly, and 2/3 of the top grossing games do insane revenue on cars (does bloxburg also have this bug?). The criteria for critical should include major visual bugs.

I’ll ping some people instead.

Can somebody post a repro? I think I know what this is but I want to be sure I know what I’m disabling.

Ok reproduced on Racing template and disabled an offending flag, can somebody confirm?

Assuming it’s the same bug john reported (I linked above) then he has a repro linked in his.

This seems unrelated.

It doesn’t meet the criteria but this does seem critical to me. I feel like maybe we need to revise these a bit as we are striving for increased quality of the games on the platform. This specific issue to me is something like “Widespread bug severely impacting quality of several top games that started happening very recently”, I’ll suggest an addendum along these lines.