Unioned cylinder looks weird

Every time I union a cylinder part it like rotates it or something and messes up.

Is there any way to fix this…

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Blender. Unions on Roblox studio are very poor right now, they cause major performance issues and are horrible to work with. I suggest using blender models instead of unions

Did they like get downgraded or something?

No, they’ve always been bad. Roblox tries to simplify unioned objects which leads to lots of errors

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This bug doesn’t happen to me, could you maybe walk me through how you made it happen?
Off the top of my head, I believe that the second cylinder is slighty rotated, could that be possible? I recommend you make sure it is in the same orientation as the first cylinder

Assuming he copied the original cylinder I would think that they are in the same orientation.

I’ve checked all of those things, when I build things that need symmetry, I usually duplicate the first part I use

Just bumping this for curiousity (i know its been solved). When i work with cylinders and i try to resize them using the resize tool, they end up not being uniformly identical when i try to line them up to each other… i found this out working on a long build. To get around this, i now resize all cylinders in the properties tab through the XYZ values. Anyone else notice this?


I know this has been answered already but once you union the cylinders, have you tried to putting the RenderFidelity to “Precise”? it could sometimes help but it’s not something that you should exclusively rely on.

I’ve tried to recreate this problem and succeeded however when I union the 2 mis-matched parts together, they union together just fine; I have no idea what you’re trying to achieve so this is the best I can say.

@RMofSBI This might help you too.


If you duplicate the unioned part it will stay the same