Unioning A Mesh

Hey, I am trying to make a dress and in order to make it little decorative, I want to use the union feature on it.
Screenshot (1788)

Unfortunately though, The dress is in the form of a mesh and I have deleted the base non-mesh version of the dress. If I try to import the mesh in the form of ‘SpecialMesh’ It just disappears.

Is there anyway I can union the dress while it being in the Mesh version?
Please help, ty!


it’s currently impossible to union meshparts inside of roblox itself, try doing that in blender or whatever software you used (i hope the link i provided helps because im such a braindead person)


CSG/unions don’t support meshes unfortunately. if you saved the game while your dress was still a union, you can get it back by reverting to a previous version of the game file.


Thank You very much, this will definitely work.

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thank you, this is helpful, I’m not experienced with blender but I’ll see if I can do it by watching a tutorial.

you can image the pink part and in blender import the obj file you exported, and also import the dress mesh

then, select both of them by holding shift and clicking both, and thennn press ctrl + j to join them together

if you want to maintain the color and materials then you’ll have to just weld them together in studio

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