Unions allow the use of restricted BrickColors

BrickColors in this list that are stricken through will display just fine in studio, and will change to a closely-matching non-restricted BrickColor in online mode. But this doesn’t apply to unions.

Here’s a picture in online mode. This is a stack that has most (if not all) of the restricted BrickColors. The only difference is that the stack on the left is one big union, and the stack on the right is just a stack of plain old parts.

Although I love this, I figured I should report it before trying to spread the word in case there’s some sort of behind-the-scenes consequences when using restricted BrickColors.

EDIT: Going to tack on one more minor thing I just found: In union error -7 (maybe all of them? I can only trigger -7 right now) “offsetting” is typo’d as “offseting”.

Question: Are you able to use those with UsePartColor enabled, or does it only work with it off?

Only when it’s off it seems. Far left is a part that had “Dark red” BrickColor, far right is a union that had “Dark red” BrickColor + UsePartColor enabled, middle is a union that had “Dark red” BrickColor + UsePartColor disabled.

I hope it’s not a bug, I like having the ability to have more colours in CSG.

I found this back when CSG first came out, and if it weren’t for this “bug” or whatever, my armours wouldn’t look as nicely coloured as they do.

I remember Unions not doing tone shifting, but that is ridiculous. Believe CloneTrooper1019 reported it a while back with his Clue Mansion map.