Unions and MeshParts not appearing in game

A few months ago, I discovered union parts would sometimes fail to load roughly every 1 in 50 plays. I asked about this on the devforum and was recommended to convert my unions to MeshParts and preload them: Union parts don't always appear - #10 by ForeverHD

Here’s the thing: I’ve applied both of these suggestions, and I still have reports of MeshParts not loading, once again, roughly every 1 in 50 plays.

For example, people have reported all these trees being completely invisible. Despite not being able to see the trees, the player still sees the tree’s shadow, and still collides with the tree. When this happens, it also means you can’t see all the other MeshParts and Union parts in the whole game.

To preload my assets, I have a copy of each different type of MeshPart in ReplicatedStorage, and then copy them into a table to be preloaded like so:

Am I doing something wrong with preloading? If not, is there something else I can do to fix this completely? I’d love to finally patch this problem as it’s causing a real problem for a lot of my players, especially if it’s their first time playing the game.


Extra details:

  1. Place this bug occurs: Guest World - Roblox
  2. I have have experienced this bug, but only once - there’s no way I know how to replicate; it appears to happen randomly
  3. GPU Info - no stats yet
  4. 3676 total unions/meshes in-game
  5. Screenshots:

Without bug:

With bug:

Notes: These pictures are from a player, not me, and are of Union parts instead of Mesh parts. I can say for certain that the same happens for Mesh Parts, but I was busy when the bug happened to myself and forgot to take pictures of the bugged Mesh parts (such as trees).