Unions and textures are broken entirely

For the last two days, my Roblox studio has frequently been crashing, freezing and lagging a lot. It has been crashing and lagging today too, then Windows told me to make an update. After the windows update finished, I opened up Roblox studio again. I’ve seen loads of ‘broken’ unions and non-loaded textures. First I have been thinking I am just loading slow, but I wasent. I have separate one of the unions and then the parts loaded. Then I tried to union again, it went invisible. I am pretty sure that the problem is not my connection, steam games, youtube, Spotify, etc. all work perfectly fine. But once I open Roblox studio, my entire PC starts to be extremely slow, sometimes even freezes my entire PC for a minute.

Missing roofs

Missing street light

Missing window frame

Missing candy texture
and many other unions and textures are broken.
I tried to playtest, they still remain broken.

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