Unions change orientation of texture

So I’ve been trying to texture a negated part, but when I apply the texture, the orientation is wrong.

What the texture should be:

What the texture looks like:

Is there any quick way to fix this? If so, any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Try adding the texture to the union after it has been negated

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Select the part and then the NegateOperation, after that Union them.


The reason is because union lets the texture only match to a part but you can group it together as a model if thats what you need.

As @SomeFedoraGuy said, anytime you want to make a Union that has to have a certain Orientation, even if has a lot of Unions, Parts or Negated items, always click first on the item you want the Orientation of the final Union to go by.

It’s similar to if you want to use the Move tool to move a selection of Parts together, except you have to select them in reverse order, because the last item selected will align the Orientation of the Move arrows with that item.

Other posts about this:
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This is quite common when combining 2 parts that are on a 90 degree angle to one that isn’t, the texture will rotate to the part that was last selected.

It sounds odd, but hear me out. Union the first wood panel with the negation, and then select the new union and then last wood part, then union again. This will solve your issue.

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