Unions Creating Random Shapes? [ RESOLVED ]

For some reason, my unions are creating odd shapes when im trying to make a simple circle with some holes in it. I literally have zero idea what the hell is going on. I looked at some of the topics that are related but none help. Anyone know why?


Roblox unions operation is pretty bad at this point, you could try redoing the whole thing and negate the spheres with the cylinder one by one, to make the holes one by one.

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Thanks! Worked, just gonna take awhile LOL.

It’s better if you use a mesh instead.

Cant make a mesh with holes in it. I don’t know blender too well…

You after something like this? Made this in like 10 seconds with blender.

I started off with a cylinder mesh. added some horizontal loop cuts, selected all faces, Pressed I for insert, If you press I again, it’ll insert by each part, once you have your squared “circles” you press W, subdivide them around 4 times, then use Loop tools, turn into a circle, and delete the faces.


Literally don’t know how to do any of that LOL

Got it actually, thank you! Didn’t realize how easy blender actually is…

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It can be very easy once learned :slight_smile: Great piece of tool. Glad you solved it!

It’s doing this most likely because there are too many triangles in the union, the limit for triangles in CSG is 5k, if you go above the limit it’ll auto simplify the union till there are less than 5k triangles. Meshes however have a 10k triangle limit.