Unions disappearing from Studio

My goal in this thread is to discuss and gather up possible ways to avoid and get around the dreaded “Disappearing Union”. I have read other articles on this already, but would like to centralize the group knowledge. This has been going on for a VERY long time now and for many people has been the sole reason they don’t touch unions.

For example, here I have a nice enclosure for a fire extinguisher (This model was remade, I will show you why in a second). As you can see, its simple in its part design.

Now I usually go and start a test server to test it out in studio, but sometimes, rarely enough that I haven’t stopped using unions, but frequent enough that I dread to do so, they disappear, like this.

Now I like to consider myself a person of considerably patience and source of knowledge, but even I with my wealth of words can’t put into typed and written format how frustrating this can be.

Now consider this is after the fact I duplicated the model across my game and positioned each fire extinguisher enclosure in the exact place they needed to be throughout the map. All 10 of them.

Rotated perfectly.

Now this by itself is a small issue, and I thank whatever higher power lurks in the macroverse that this is probably the worst thing that has happened to me this week, but “bruh” this can be frustrating and over time, this constant backtracking adds up.

My fellow builders, how can I get around this and what can I do to prevent this? I loathe having to use blender for all of my assets, and much of this is just to reduce the part count in my game. What say you?


I have dealt with this issue so much in the past, and what I do to prevent it, is publish/save the game at least two times. I’ve been doing that for many months now and no union has disappeared for me. I know for sure that it works for me because there has been times I forgot to publish/save twice, and those times my unions disappeared. I hope that doing the same thing can be helpful for you too.

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I just turn the unions into meshes and call it good. Last night I made a door to a kitchen, it was like 3 unions basically, I published it 3 times. This morning I got on, everything was fine, continued building and closed studio(saved it, didn’t publish). I got back on later in the afternoon and the unions turned invisible. Even when I reverted the game to versions I know had the unions, they were still invisible so I remade the door but turned everything into meshes.


Whenever that happens to me I just take the build that im building, I insert it into a new Studio map and re build what unions are bugged. Usually it happens to me when my computer shuts off with studio in the background, or when I disconnect from my Wifi.

Out of interest how many unions do you have in this game? May be something to do with the amount of unions within the game.

Not many, a few, but nothing to write home about. Also I am trying to avoid saving 3 times every time I use studio because that just leads to paranoia.

I too use this method, it seems like the only one that works fluently.