Unions disappearing / turning invisible after creation

I highly support this to be fixed. Roblox must fix this issue; it’s been years and they didn’t fix it. My friend is building a lot and Unions are very useful for him but they keep getting corrupted and he has to rebuild them each time. This problem is even a meme.

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It seems that this is currently a team create issue and rejoining usually fixes it, I haven’t had my unions disappear in awhile.

Couple months ago I had a game that I was the only one working on it, and Team Create was off, and all the Unions were gone so I am not sure about that, unless they did something about it. Now I just avoid them as much as possible as they aren’t reliable.

I do remember unions being updated, so that could be the reason as to why they vanished, not too sure though.

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My unions keep going missing even if I’m not using team create or if I just created them, saved/published my game and then opened it back up.


An example would be when I quite literally made two cylinders and made a hole in both of them, both of them went missing.

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Strange, doesn’t seem to be a team create issue for me, I’ve found doing this in a group place or team create doesn’t cause unions to corrupt.

I was just working in Studio and had this happen to me, but only with a few of the Unions I had created. I realized the Unions that “disappeared”, I had made before I had Published my game to its place, which is a group place. In other words I had opened up my Roblox place file but I had not published yet, so it was just sitting locally. Once I published to my place, and THEN created the Unions, they were created & persisted as expected. Just a theory, it couldve been coincidence, but perhaps this is happening when the union representation cannot be saved to the correctly linked/published place? (Similar to how meshes & animations are pushed to the Group/place linked) If anyone else has the time to do some trial and error I’m very interested to see!

This issue just popped up yesterday in studio for me.

Same, basically I copied a negate part and pasted it again so I can get accurate scaling for a window. Studio does not show the bug when running the game, however, running the game itself outside of Studio will cause the union to just disappear.

Running the game in Studio:

Running the game in Roblox:

Really hope a fix can be found as it’s been happening for more than a year now

Update: After checking into Studio the next day, the whole union itself disappears without the need to run the game.

This union disappearing issue should have been fixed since 3/17//2021. Could we verify?


Well so far I haven’t seen any unions disappearing, but a few parts here and there sometimes disappear…