Unions don't generate correctly in team create

Hello. Unions made by your friend in team create are shown only to him. You can still interact with it, but you can’t see it. This happens around 80% of the time.
Here’s some footage:

Union isn’t shown only in studio, in-game it works fine.
I never really unioned anything in team create earlier, so I don’t know if this has always been a thing.
OS: Windows 7 build 7601 with SP1.


I don’t have any videos or photos to add to this, but I’ve known this to be true for a very long time. The last time I recall unioning in a team-create scenario was a little over half a year ago, and the guy I was working with was very confused why a lot of parts went “missing”. A quick close and reopen would fix the issue.

To clarify, this happens only for unions created in a TC session where other people are also connected. The other users have to reconnect to see the union.


IIRC Unions don’t get show to other people people until they pass moderation?
not 100% sure, would be good to hear from staff


They don’t have to go through moderation in the first place. Unioning is not creating meshes. Meshes are created using special software on your computer, while unioning is just combining a few parts into one.

I have also had this same issue. After creating a union between multiple parts, my co-developer said they could not see the walls. They separated the union, and redid it, and this caused the union to appear for them. Although, I could not see it on my computer. Upon duplicating the union, it appeared. Basically, what I’m saying is duplicating a union that cannot be seen by a member of a TC baseplate has the chance of making it visible to all members.

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This is still an issue :mad: .


I hate to bump this, but it still an issue and it is extremely frustrating to be working on a large build with another person to see their work go invisible because of this bug. Can we get any updates on when it might be fixed? Having to rejoin the game every 10 minutes is not a great work around.


Also hate to bump this, but this is really annoying when working with a builder and alot of the game relies on unioned bricks. Can we please get some official clarification as to when this may be looked in to? It’s been nearly 5 months!


Apologies for the bump. But this issue is really irritating, I have been team creating with a group of friends and it gets really annoying having to restart studio constantly.

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I also hate to bump this but me and my team is having this exact issue. I’ve been making unions thinking everything is fine on my end. However, my teammates in studio only see invisible stuff. Not sure if this is related but sometimes I’ll try to separate the union to at least see render the parts again and the content will corrupt along the way and I’ll have to completely scrap the union/parts all together.

From my studio

From a teammates studio

It seems this is an intended feature, especially with the way unions work. When you create a union it’s initially created on your client and therefore is only visible to you. It won’t appear until you publish, or, what I and my devs usually do is download a copy of the place.

Once you’ve downloaded a copy you’ve “downloaded” the unions and they will instantly become visible, so do this whenever necessary.