Unions glitch/bug?

Hi! I recently tried to union a few concrete parts and wedges, however when I did union them, they turned into a weird material/texture. As if they were glitched out.

Any thoughts?


Try Union - UsePartColor - True. That should make the union have only one color rather than multiple different ones.


I can’t speak to @tomwcraft’s fix, but I can say that I have experienced this problem myself. My personal fix is to simply separate all the parts, change them to all one color and material, and then union them again. If you had negated certain parts then it may take a bit of effort, but nothing too complicated.

Unions in general you should watch out for, because they actually tend to be worse for your games performance (that is what I was told, not sure if it is relevant on smaller scales). The only real reason for unions is for an aesthetic purpose (they make materials look uniform and connected) and to create objects that have special designs (using negate to cut out certain parts). They can also cause issues with collisions, as those are very broken when it comes to unions (creating invisible ramps between to parts of differing heights and widths, etc.)

Other than that you should be all set! You can read up more on Unions here, that article is very helpful if you are using them a lot. Best of luck on your build, looks like it is really coming along!

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I’ve encountered this waay too many times. What I have found out is that a union just blatantly breaks, almost as if it’s corrupted. The texture of the union, regardless of color, glitches out and is more pixelated. I have not found a fix for this yet. Sometimes it appears and sometimes it does not happen at all.