Unions messing up

I’m trying to add all of the negative parts to the main / base union but what’s happening is the circles are looking funny and messing up the whole union.

Here’s the video of me unioning it, you can see it’s glitching.
Is there any way I can make it union and negate properly?

Might wanna switch to meshes, these kind of bugs have been there for a long time and by now its sorta how the unioning system works. One thing I can recommend though is not unioning all of the negative parts at the same time, do small groups.


i tried small groups and what happened was the same. i did 15 “pegs”, and then i did another 15 and after the second try it went full angry mode on me and broke

Union geometry isn’t great or accurate, especially with cylinders with a lot of faces. This is an example of the limitations of Unions.

As said above, doing this in dedicated 3D modelling software (Blenders Boolean modifier is one example) would result in a much better outcome.


I reccomend you to switch on blender, It will save you a lot of time.

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