Unions Reloading Causing Mega Lag

For some reason when I’m in a place with many unions (it takes 30s to load), when somebody dies near me, all of the unions around us reload causing us to lag out pretty badly.

Here’s the place with the issue:

It has many parts and many unions. The reloading makes some players nearly unable to play.

Can confirm.

I was playing this at a very stable 60FPS, but then over certain time periods, again and again, almost all the CSG would vanish and then try to appear again, causing a massive FPS drop (bringing me down to about 15 FPS for about 5 seconds.)

So, any update on this?

If a fix is patched I’d love to know! I’m extremely busy with exams so I have little time to test. (Or even keep up with this forum!)

Reporting highly similar issue.
Place link: http://www.roblox.com/games/236446916/CSG-issue
This place contains all the UnionOperations from a car show in roblox, to be exact, that is 5066 unions!

The problem: When viewing this place in both Client and Studio, frame rate drops significantly. Also, unions that seem to have loaded and started rendering stop rendering after a short moment, it looks like they are reloading. CSG reloading seems to stabilize very slowly, but framerate remains lower than usual.
Frequency: Semi-random to Always, depends on computer. Sometimes drop occurs immediately (that is, place opened or joined), sometimes it happens after about 10 - 30 seconds.
Impact: Low framerate (5-15 fps) causes frustration and causes far from ideal working conditions (studio).
Extra info: Tried looking into Windows Task Manager for unusual activity, but situation seems to be normal. Network activity isn’t higher than usual.

If you’d like to have a copy of the place, please send me (Zephyred) a PM or ask here, this place contains some 3rd party works which I don’t like to share publicly.

This appears to have never been solved or even looked at. Bumping and reporting a new place with the issue. Union Rerendering: Causes lag