Unions shrinking/ Unions break

Last night I was going to continue working on my build then I saw some of the unions has suddenly shrink.
Screenshot 2022-08-16 114341
the one on the right is what it originally looked liked (which I fixed) and on the left of what became of it.

It also happens here that you can see the TVs at the bottom are deformed or something.

Also you can’t change It’s shape but you can only resize it
robloxapp-20220816-1150231.wmv (192.9 KB)

the only way i had to fix it was to seperate the unions and copy their properties and union it back.
Changing the game version doesn’t work either.
Is there any fix to this? I’m afraid it might happen again with a bunch of other stuff.

Might have something to do with this:

Thanks! I solved the problem. The update happened at the same time my unions broke, so that makes sense.

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