Unions Stuck Invisible On Next Studio Session

I am so frustrated, I have been working on things in studio, and used a few unions. Saved these unions and they were all visible. When I go back into studio the unions are not glitched invisible. And I lose hours of work using parts to cut into a union to look how I want it. How do I prevent this? Or how do I get back my work that is now lost. Yes, I anchored my parts.

Before the glitch image


After the bug ruined my partially done model Image.

Again as a bug, this makes me very frustrated considering that this can ruin someones game entirely with this issue.

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Note: I am aware that blender is a program you can use, however I do not know how to use it and find studio much easier. Again I am very frustrated with this issue. I have in the past used Negate and Union to cut parts without this bug.

It’s because the unions got corrupted. You can’t do anything about it besides remaking them and you can’t prevent this from happening.

You could try to reload CSG in the preferences, but that hardly works.