Unique game concept - Looking for a scripter

Hello there, my name is 4Slu, but you can also address me as Omni.
I’ve made this post to discuss a game concept and in the end, gain a development partner to help make the concept become true.
I’ve been using studio for 4 years and recently starting doing a ton of building for fun. I can make a wide variety of builds with ease aswell as replecate builds. And I can do simple UI and advanced animation. (and some basic blender stuff as I picked it up when animating in blender)
However scripting wise, not much. But I can pretty fluenty read code and edit code quite sufficiently. If only I learned to script already, I’d be a Renaissance man of roblox development! Here’s my portfolio for examples of my previous build work:

(fair warning though, it’s about as old as the UK’s law systems) Without anymore delays, here’s the concept:

So the game is based around knife combat, you may be thinking “oh God, another one of these damn things” but just hear me out. The game will be round based with a simplistic yet hard to master knife combat, basic throwing with satisfying mid air knife spins and 2 types of melee attacks. A simple left click for a fast attack, but holding left click will charge the attack and make it stronger, if you’re hit while charging your charge will be canceled. Holding right click will throw in a similar fashion along with the canceling. When you throw your knife will be gone and you will have to pick up someone else knife or go retrieve your own. Your knifes stick into objects aswell as people, meaning you could tottally pull that knife that’s stuck in your chest out and throw it back at your enemy. This game will also have a ragdoll system and executions. The only way to kill is by executions and they can only be preformed on ragdolled enemy’s. Every hit has a random change to ragdoll, if the charge bar is higher on the attack, aswell as Health being lower, there will be a higher chance of RAGDOLLING. You will also automatically get up after ragdolling if you’re down for long enough. But if you reach 0 health somehow you will auto ragdoll and get back up after regening to 10 unless you’re executed. The game will have a simple skin system and trading with crates and 3 game modes aswell as custom crate unlocked animations for executions, here’s the gamemodes: Team Death Match, Last standing, and finnaly, hunted. TDM and LS are self explatory but I’ll explain hunted. Hunted is where there’s a full team of players and 1 hunter. The hunter is invisible until he moves. He also has unlimited throwing knives. The players objective is to kill the hunter and survive, the hunters of course is to simply kill the players. (he can kill without executions).

So yeah, that’s the concept. Go Head and please give me some feedback bellow and if you’d like to help me out add me on discord. (Omni#4786) I don’t have funds for development but you can bargain a percent with me. (highest 60%) I’ll probally have 30k for advertising but that’s pretty small.
Thanks for reading, and I hope to develop with one of you guys soon!


Btw, I had these modules in mind to use. (relief of pain for scripter) Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!
Raycast Hitbox Module: For all your melee needs!
R15 / Rthro Ragdolls

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Not a scripter but I’m still pretty interested in the development of your game. Does your game have a community discord server where I can join as a fan or something?

Not currently, rn im working on a greenwood town remaster to get funds for it.

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