Unique Rename plugin

Please please please tell me, that after all this time of plugins being created on Roblox, there’s one to rename multiple parts uniquely without going through them manually. (part1, part2, part3 etc.) I’m in dire need of this right now, while attempting to animate this rig I made. It has tons of parts named “Part” and I’d really love to avoid the hour it’d take to rename all of them. Thank you!!

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I’m posting this because I’m not sure I can trust the random plugins I find in the library. I want to know of some that are verified by people who know their stuff, hence posting here

Why don’t you just run a simple line of code in the command bar?

First, select all the part you want to rename, then run this code:

for index, Part in ipairs(game:GetService("Selection"):Get()) do -- Getting the selected instances in studio
    Part.Name = "Part" .. index -- Renaming it based on the "index"

Hold shift, press one part, press on the other parts you want to rename, then change their properties all at once. Tell me if you have any questions.

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Unique rename :expressionless:

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I’m unfamiliar with the selection service. Thank you!