[United Kingdom] Game Rules

United Kingdom - Game Rules

Welcome to the official game rule documentation for Uncle_Ferry’s United Kingdom!
These are the current set of rules enforced by our Moderation Team, but there is one main rule which applies to everything: Use common sense! Each rule is applied on a hollistic basis, and if you think something you are doing may not be allowed, but isn’t explictly set out below, then just don’t do it!

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5267880/UK-United-Kingdom#!/about
London Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/4350232189/SALE-Westminster-Central-London-United-Kingdom
(Note: these rules apply in all games under the United Kingdom group)

Moderation Team

Enforcement of these rules is carried out by the Development and Administration team. They are there to ensure a safe environment for all members of our community. They can enforce major rules on any team (such as exploiting), however, when they are mainly on duty, they will be on the Development & Administration team. When on duty, the D&A is immune from all roleplaying aspects - but this also means they cannot take part in any roleplay in either a criminal or law enforcement capacity.

Major Offences

Below is a list of all our major offences. They have been deemed major as they most likely have a detrimental affect on gameplay, or provide a nuisance to others. In these cases, an immediate ban is w arrant-able - unless otherwise stated.

  • Exploiting - Self-explanatory. This is a permanent ban unless proven otherwise (you will need clear video evidence to appeal this action)
  • Roblox Terms of Service Violation - Self-explanatory, as above.
  • Team tool abuse/Going Rogue - Going rogue on any team will result in a non-permanent ban, unless its a repeat offence. This includes the PCSO Gamepass team.

Other Offences

  • Leaving/Resetting/Switching Team to avoid arrest - Sometimes abbreviated to LTAA/RTAA respectively. This is normally undertaken by new users of the game, who are unaware of the rules - therefore firstly a warning is given. If this continues to happen, you will be arrested ingame, either by a moderator or by the arresting officer using the dummy which remains after you leave. Repeated offences will result in a non-permanent ban
  • Spawn Killing/Arresting - the spawn area is denoted as the area/room which a player spawns in, which is different for every team. You will firstly be warned about this offence, then banned if it continues to happen.
  • Glitching - This is normally an issue where you abuse unrealistic parts of London, which are not meant to happen. You will be warned and then kicked if you continue to do this, and any glitches should be reported to the Development Team to be resolved.
  • Gun Glitching - This is where you repeatedly equip and unequip your weapon to bypass the reload time. You will firstly be warned then temporarily banned for doing so
  • Robbing the bank with no Law Enforcement - There must be an active member of Law Enforcement within a server in order for you to Rob the Bank. If you do this, your money will be reset.
  • Money/Crown Farming - Remaining AFK in order to farm pounds/crowns will result in your money/crowns being reset
  • Playing excessively loud/annoying/bypassed/inappropriate audios - If this is done, either by a boombox or a car radio, a moderator should ban the corresponding audio. Action is only taken against the user if they repeatedly try to play different audios falling under this category, or do not stop playing an audio which was just banned. This should first result in a warning then a kick (no ban occurs here)

Appealing a Moderation Action

If you believe that a moderation action was inappropriately applied, you can take this up with the Administration Committee. All moderators should provide some sort of evidence in every case (preferably video), and this evidence will be made available to you if requested. If there is no evidence assigned to your case, and the moderator has provided no reason to explain this, then the Administration Committee may automatically appeal your case (but this is up to their discretion)
If you are unhappy with the response provided by the Administration Committee, it can be brought forward to a Developer, who can assist further. Please note, we have every right to decline your appeal if we believe the moderation action is necessary.

If you have any further questions regarding these rules, you can ask a member of the Administration Committee or a Developer, and they should be able to assist you further. Please note, these rules are subject to change at any time - make sure you keep an eye out for this!