United States Army : Rules & Information


Hey Personnel!
Hey, my name is Hunter Killer, Commanding General of Army Special Operations Command for the Adxzer’s United States Army. We’re making this post to inform all players what the expectations are when playing our game.

As we want to provide a enjoyable experience for everyone who plays our game, you are expected to follow our rules at all times.

The basic game rules include…

  • Exploiting
  • Glitching
  • Breaking Roblox ToS
  • Erotic Roleplay
  • Clear Raiding
  • Spawn Killing
  • Loud/Bypassed Audio

(refusing to follow any of the rules listed above will result in serious reprimands)

Important Information:

Clear Raiding
  • When cleared by Military Police, you may not kill anyone inside the base—doing so will result in a serious punishment. Want to kill personnel although you’ve been cleared? Simply ask a member of the Military Police Corps to revoke your clearance.
Disrupting Trainings/Tryouts
  • As a raider, you may not interfere with or disrupt any training/tryout—doing so will result in a serious punishment. You are held liable and will punishment whether it was an accident or not, you still did it. With that said, please be careful when raiding and pay attention to what’s going on before shooting large crowds.
Personnel Procedures
  • Personnel rules and procedures can be found in our communications server; it’ll be added onto as the group moves forward.
    • Note: civilians are not required to follow some of the rules listed in the document (ex. uniform requirements).

Personnel Procedures

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Army Staff on Discord.