United States Game Rules

These rules are subject to change at any time. Depending on the rule you break anything between a ban or prosecution could happen.

  • Leaving the game while being arrested is strictly prohibited and you will automatically be banned

  • Arrest or kill on sights are strictly prohibited and you will be prosecuted if you order, or perform this under a government agency. A warrant must be issued for someone to be arrested by a judge, and they cannot be arrested multiple times for a single crime they committed. Kill on sights cannot be ordered, issued, or performed by anyone. If a kill on sight is performed that is a crime, depending on the circumstance of the kill on sight order or it physically happening.

  • Fail roleplay is a broad term of roleplay that is not realistic. There are quite a few different punishments if this rule is broken.

  • Rogue officials will be blacklisted from a department if this occurs.

  • Do not and I repeat DO not leave while being arrested, this is a permanent ban.