Universal Application Center: Fast, Free and Reliable Applications

Universal Application Center


Universal Application Center is an application center creator that anyone can use to create an application tailored to their needs, for absolutely free! Directly inside ROBLOX!

There is also Discord Webhook Integration to see application answers right from discord!

Universal Application Center can be utilised be anyone, even if you don’t own a group! For example it can be used for:

  • Your cafe group’s new rank

  • Your communications server’s new position

  • Finding a candidate for a job you’re hiring for e.g Clothing designers

The possibilities are endless!

How to use Universal Application Center:

Applying to an existing application:

  1. Join the game

  2. Press ‘Apply’ on the menu screen

  3. Enter an application code that a player has given you, which will be their application code. This code is obtained when someone creates an application. If you forget it, its simply their User Id!

  4. Follow the steps provided, then send your application!

Creating an application:

  1. Join the game

  2. Press ‘Create’ on the menu screen

  3. Fill out the boxes for your application’s information

  4. Save your application

  5. At the end, you are given an application code, which can be used by applicants to apply on your application. If you forget this code, it is also your User Id!

Using the Webhook Integration gamepass:

Note: You must have an existing application and you must have a discord server

  1. Join the game

  2. Click ‘Dashboard’ on the menu screen

  3. Click ‘Webhook’ in the top left corner

  4. Go onto discord, open a server you own, or create a new one, then click the name of the discord server, in the top left. Then click ‘Server Settings’. Next, click ‘Integrations’, and finally, click ‘Webhook’. From here you can create a new webhook, customise it, then copy the ‘Webhook URL’

  5. Copy your Webhook URL and paste it in to the text box then click send.

For any help, feel free to contact me on ROBLOX messages, or here on the developer forum.