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Application Services - Getting started guide


What you will need to begin

To begin your Application center you first need an Application place (A place to put your application on), you will also need to be on a Computer or a device with Roblox Studio installed on.

If you are unsure how to create a place then please read this article, https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/203313950-Creating-and-Making-Games-Public.

Step 1 - Creating a new application form

To create a new application form you must join this place, Application Services - Roblox, left-click the arrow right onto Create Application and left-click Begin.


Step 2 - Getting your application code

Once you have created your application you will be greeted with a message like this.
On the 2nd line, your application code will be there. Copy that code to a notepad or a piece of paper.


Step 3 - Getting your application teleporter

On the group wall, there will be a link to the new version of the application teleporter.
You can navigate to the group wall and click the link or you could just click the link below.

Once you’ve clicked the link you must press Get


Step 4 - Setting up your application teleporter

Step A:

Navigate to your application game and left-click edit.


Step B:

When Roblox Studio has loaded make sure you have the ToolBox, Explorer and Properties open.


Step C:

Once your ToolBox is open, got to it and left-click the dropdown then, left-click My Models and left-click the model.


Step D:

Go to your Explorer and do the following


Change application code to your application code that was given in step 2

Step E:

Publish your game! you can do this by doing the below or just by simply doing Alt + P.


If all worked then you will be able to join your place so your application can begin!

Bugs or issues

If you’re experiencing any bugs, issues or you need additional guidance then please contact the staff team via Discord or Twitter (Must be aged 13+ if you are below the ages of 13 then your discord account will be reported without hesitation)
Youtube tutorial:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Services_RBLX/status/1107428988799066113?s=20


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