Universal Viewmodel Template (Animations Included!)

Let’s just get straight to it. Your point of view: You’re making an awesome FPS game and need some animations to test ASAP. That’s why I made this.

Primarily interested in those animations? Here they are:

Oh, also, it’s all yours. No credit needed, go ahead and steal it too.


Well thanks for this!, though i am NOT gonna use the animations. But the viewmodel is great!

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I’ve always wanted to make an FPS game, and this will help a lot! Thanks for the contribution.


Maybe animations can be improved


This completes my game! Thank you!

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You don’t need blender just use a gun made up of more than one parts so when animation you can move gun parts and also if your not using it try using moon animator and adding some easing styles

Now they look very well can’t wait to see the other animations

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Every animation listed now. Revamped post to be cleaner

Why does it say 2 solutions-