Universe ID not saving

I keep trying to save the Universe ID but every time I exit out and configure the audio again, the universe ID disappears?


super late reply! I have this problem too, other people are having it too, currently (i think) you have to upload audio on your account or group, uploading on a different account with a different universal id that isn’t on your account doesnt work.

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Are you added to the games team create? Fairly certain you have to have constant edit access to give a game permission to use an audio uploaded by you.

Also, are you sure you’re using the actual Universe ID from the create page and not just the place ID? They are in fact different… i do not know why…

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The universe id is the entire game itself, while the places are just sub universes of the universe.

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I know the difference between Universe ID and Place ID, and I have been using the Universe ID but it still won’t work