Universe servers show up on a games page when clicking the green play button on a players profile

I was looking to join my friend and went to his profile to get to the game page via this button

The game is question was TPS: Ultimate Soccer - Roblox - this game uses universes to branch the game off all under one place, to a practice pitch and ranked servers.

When I clicked on that green button, my friend at the time was in the Practice Arena, which strangely enough redirected me to this page: TPS: Ultimate Soccer - Roblox

Bare in mind this isn’t actually a place, it was very confusing for me, I only noticed something was up when I looked at the server list and saw the maximum player count said 15 opposed to 8.

This also allowed me to see the server list of the players in the universe.

I’m not 100% sure if this happens every time on every place that uses universes but I thought i’d report it none-the-less.

I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 10 64bit.

EDIT: I’ve also found out you can join these universe servers without having to join through the main start place.

EDIT (10 Months after) :

This issue is still occurring, but I’ve come across some new information on the issue.

When on the sub-places page, I was able to favourite the game again, but because it’s a universe place it shouldn’t exist as a web page, so it counts the favourite as a main game favourite, so now I’m I’ve managed to like this game twice on my profile:

Link to profile to confirm (I’ve noticed sometimes the game icon shows up differently but it’s still the same thing): demofocus - Roblox

EDIT: You can also join the sub-place without having to join the main game to get there by joining through the server list on the glitched page.


We are unable to reproduce the issues on our side. Are you still encountering the issues on your side?

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The link provided replicates this on my side every time, taking you to a page that shows the universe server as opposed to the main game page.

I’ve updated this thread with new information on the issue, which still isn’t sorted.