Unknow type 'table'

So scripting and using type checking I noticed that luau doesn’t doesn’t recognize type 'table’.
Here is an example:

local data: table = {}

It will then have a red bottom line, but in VSCode Roblox LSP recognizes it as a real type.

I believe it is because table is not a valid type in Luau for type annotation per se but I’m not certain.
You can use {[any]: any} in lieu.

Yea I know you can make table types, but you cant make it so a variable is expected to be a table which is strange, I can’t post in #bug-reports:engine-bugs though. Or maybe you just have to do:

local data: {} = {}

You can do:

type myTable = { -- create a new type
     [any]: any

local data: myTable = {} -- apply that type