Unknown Gift Mechanics

Newer players may not know that actual items come out of gifts, and be less likely to purchase them. That gift boxes usually have things in them is pretty common knowledge, but it doesn’t explicitly assure that they will be opened. A simple: “will be opened in x days” could generate more hype and anticipation.

I don’t really see any problem with this, though it would depend on your goal. If ROBLOX is trying to sell as many gifts as possible, yes, a little message would help. However, if the goal isn’t to sell as many as possible, then it’ll be left to the players who earned it + the players who know it’s going to open.

For my first giftsplosion, I just assumed the gifts were going to open, since they had in pretty every other game I had tried at that time (ClubPenguin, Pandanda, AQW).