Unknown script keeps printing 'Error' in Server, but not in Studio. infected?


A few week ago, i’ve had a Plug-in that infected my script, by adding a code-line that inserts a model. I’ve tried to remove all those lines from all my scripts. However, in my Console it keeps printing Error. I’m not sure if this is due the infection. But, i can’t find out from what script it keeps being printed from. The print only happens when entering the game. In Studio Mode it won’t print (clearly some infection strategie).

So, what do i do now?

Type in Script in the workspace and manually go through them. If you have a script which is being repeated in a lot of stuff just check one of them then delete the line then delete the ones which shared it with for loop then re insert your script in all of them or use generic for loop

I’ve checked all my scripts. I’ve went through all my scripts 2 times. I really can’t find any other script any more.

I guess disable http requests then

I need my HTTP Requests… :slight_smile:

Can you provide us the script so that we can see what’s happening?

The point is. I don’t know where the infection is, right now. I removed all infected lines from my scripts. However, it seems like there’s still some bits left. But, i can’t find them…

You know, you could click on he error in the log window and it will navigate you to the line and the file that it happened in.

As i mentioned before. The print only appears in-game. Not in Studio…

I used this Plugin few times. However be careful when using it because spam clicking to remove all the viruses may break your game (the Plugin thinks that viruses are all Scripts that have for example require() function).

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To prevent this, whitelist the scripts that you are sure don’t contain “maliciouseness”, and even turn off scanning for requires in the settings menu. :slight_smile:

I don’t usually do this because when you have lots of Scripts it’s just impossible to whitelist all of them.

You can give them similar names so you could just whitelist that one name, thus resulting in a whitelist for all scripts.

What do you mean by this?

Nothing is stopping you from taking a picture of the console when the error appears in a live server. Whether it’s happening in Studio or a live instance is irrelevant. Please supply a picture and more details as appropriate so we can actually help you. If you don’t supply this, then there’s not much advice to be given here other than to check your game thoroughly and be more careful when using plugins.

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Yes, this is exactly what you need to do. Without documenting the issue with concrete evidence, it is impossible to resolve the issue. Record your screen when you run the game.


I might have found out what the infection thingy is?!

I made a copy of the original game. Created a new Server/Place and published the exact same game, into a new server. Guess what? It’s solved! However, that sucks, actually.

My main game has over 1000+ favorites. I don’t want to lose these by making a new game… It seems like the Server itself has been infected. As the infection does not appear in Studio or in a new Server.

PS: Here’s the log where you can see the “ERROR”


Hello, press CTRL+SHIFT+F and it will open this box
Type in print("Error") and click Find All
If that doesn’t work search for require

You. Yes you, you are my hero of the week!

I !@%$# found it through this method. It was a simple line of print(“Error”) indeed.

My first method was by opening all scripts, pressing CTRL + F and then CTRL + V (Paste: print(“Error”). However, that didn’t find it, lol. However, i still have no clue why it only happens in 1 server, and not in the other. But ok.

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