Unknown script started coming up in my output

I was debugging my scripts and all, when around 5 dark orange lines popped up in my output. I hovered my mouse over it, and it said go to source. I clicked it and a script came up with around 300 lines and it was named “promise”. I immediately deleted it and just cleared out all my plugins and everything in the game. I am so creeped out, please help. I forgot to take screenshots as I was so scared. Please help, what do I do?

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Also, I forgot to mention, it was hidden and I could not find it while filtering out the workspace.

Sometimes malicious plugins or free-model backdoors hide scripts in places other than the workspace where they might not expect people to look.

This thread might have some more info as well as advice on finding and removing any more bad scripts.


I cleared out everything as well as my plugins. I did not use any free models aside from the soldier model to scale. Just so you know, my internet is quite slow so my problem is quite similar to the post you said for me to look in. I am just a 14 year old developer and I am quite shaken about this situation.

I doubt it was anything much that would affect you outside of your Roblox game. After all somebody most likely made the script that you downloaded and added into your game. Don’t expect there to be monsters or anything outside of your game.


It could be the soldier model you used to scale?

What plugins did you have installed at the time?

Wait, hang on, I had no models as I deleted it right after. I have spent about 4 days in that game and nothing came up. Could it be because of my internet?

Moon animation, Rig Editor (the popular one), Advanced terrain generator by TheRings0fSaturn, and that’s it.

It could. Maybe try looking through the model’s scripts.

A few days ago there was a guy who came into our developing group chat server and gave himself powers. Then, when me and my friends were doing team create, some unknown IP also entered the team create. Could that have anything to do with it?

Make sure only the people you know and trust have access to your team create. If it’s a group game then check the rank privileges.

In regards to scripts in your game, you can press Ctrl-P in studio, then in the rightmost dropdown menu select “Script Only”, that will display all the scripts in the game that aren’t the Roblox core scripts. Look for scripts that have weird names or contain seemingly random jargon and obfuscated code, as well as suspicious function calls like require and setfenv. Not every script that uses “require” is a virus, but people sometimes like to hide their stuff by calling a remote module script.

The guy in the discord server left around 2 days ago. He seemed to hate me, and he claimed he was a hacker. my friends can explain also, they are @CRISPEY1 @KaelAwesome1234567 @CAKEBOYOFEPICNESS123

There is nothing in my game, and this just pops up:


Thats just your game ID


Sorry, I can’t really be a help to your present situation, other than to make sure you’ve tried Blokav’s suggestion of using Ctrl-p in Studio. The screenshot you posted above looks like your Output Window (which isn’t showing scripts), or is it the in the rightmost dropdown menu where you select “Script Only” as suggested by Blokav?

Here’s a bit of advice though: When you first explained the issues you had you didn’t mention anything about this person who got access to your Team Create. This should have been your first clue because it was a weird situation and this person threatened you. I know you’re scared about messing up, but hey, we’ve all made some mistakes in our time so don’t sweat it too much.
When you ask for help you have to tell us about all the things you’ve been through while this has been going on because if we don’t know about them we really can’t help you out.

Don’t blame things like this on your slow internet. That won’t be something that reprograms your game. If it was in a model or plugin that you had in your game and you ran the game then (as previously stated) the script could be stored in an odd place in your game and deleting the model or plugin after that wouldn’t make the stored script go away.

What your talking about isn’t an output from a script. It appears always and it is outputted by roblox to let you know where the DataModel is being loaded from.

So it isn’t a virus at all? Wow, I had no idea.

EDIT: or are you talking about this image !

The next time it happens right click it and click show in explorer and it will take you directly to where the script is.

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yes, we didnt know who was doing it

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