Unknown yet Useful Plugin Features

Recently, I have found some Unknown plugin features which are actually useful


If you’re curious about how Studio Essentials made a menu, then PluginMenu is what you’re looking for


This is useful if you want a plugin to do a certain action and you don’t want to cover the screen with the UI or clutter the workflow with docking or clutter the toolbar like this


If you are wondering how to create it, You can use plugin:CreatePluginMenu(), The ID parameter needs to be unique, so it’s best to use Random for that to get an actual unique value as it can generate decimals even if the number has no decimals

But if you’re making a Submenu, The function is still required and you would need to fill in icon and title parameters for the submenu

The Icon property is the PluginMenu’s icon

The Title property is the PluginMenu’s title

The AddAction(action: Instance) adds the a action parameter to the PluginMenu

The AddMenu(menu: PluginMenu) adds the a Submenu parameter to the PluginMenu

The AddSeperator() Sepreates two sections of the PluginMenu

The Clear() Clears the entire PluginMenu


The ShowAsync() shows the PluginMenu and returns the selected action (if selected, or else nil)

Code snippet for PluginMenu on one of my upcoming plugin updates

local random = Random.new()

local menu: PluginMenu = plugin:CreatePluginMenu(random:NextNumber(0, 10), "MeshPart Converter")

menu:AddNewAction("ConvertMeshPart", "Convert Mesh Part", "rbxassetid://14187539043")
menu:AddNewAction("ConvertSpecialMesh", "Convert Special Mesh", "rbxassetid://14187538370")

This info is kind of vague, so you can check out the docs for PluginMenu and contribute in any kind of way

I first found out about this from that topic I made earlier


If you want your plugin to work using a hotkey or seen a few plugins do this?

(Example of boatbomber’s RepoToRoblox doing the job)

if you need help accessing that feature

You can access the hotkey by FILEAdvancedCustomize Shortcuts…, This image can help you how to access it


It will appear in the Quick Access Toolbar

Here is what it looks like for basic customization

Here is what it looks like (the I> one opens the basic customization)

This is what the Advanced Customization looks

If it is triggered, the PluginAction.Triggered signal is activated

Like PluginMenu The Creation is done using plugin:CreatePluginAction(), The ID parameter needs to be unique, so it’s best to use Random for that to get an actual unique value as it can generate decimals even if the number has no decimals

the text parameter is the name of the action, which is the Text property of the PluginAction

the statusTip is the description of the action, which is the StatusTip property of the PluginAction

the iconName is the icon id of the action

the allowBinding allows the key to be binded, which defaults to true, which is the AllowBinding property of the PluginAction

The ActionID is the actionId parameter of the plugin:CreatePluginAction()

no code examples to provide for now…

It’s kind of vague soo you can read the PluginAction documentation

Everyone gave me good suggestions so i’m doing a insanely heavy edit, I put these in a dropdown so people don’t have to scroll for hours looking for what they want, Any type of reply helps me, even if it’s hate, even if it’s criticism, Anything matters to me

If you know one unknown yet useful plugin feature, then reply with one

Inspired by commitblue


this might be the one and only post i bookmark, i’ll use it someday.
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How is it the “most useless post i have ever seen”

@KingBlueDash thanks, really appreciate it


Anytime, i like finding various useful tips on the devforum.


Well, trolls are even less useful, but I can see his point. Highlighting one random plugin feature and then copy-pasting others’ code from the docs doesn’t result in a valuable tutorial. Posting a link to the docs, adding an image and then calling it a day is practically the same.

Since your title is “Unknown yet Useful Plugin Features” and you only copy-pasted the explanation for PluginMenu, you can perhaps expand more on other “unknown yet useful” features.


You asked that question in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and I answered you by sending the docs and now you just came to explain it and all you did was write the code in the docs? I’ve seen you go to multiple resources before just saying “This is useless” or something of the same meaning and now you come and post this, seriously!?


UUhhhhh what does that have to do with the topic

I did use it in my plugins and I didn’t want to leak my plugin’s code despite the fact that it’s public

Forgot about that unfortunately :confused:

I mean I want to bring it to the devforums so more people can read it so I don’t have to link it a bajillion times to people who are asking for similar help

@xChris_vC and @KingBlueDash Appreciate your responses, but do you know other unknown yet useful features

Also seen this recurring behavior.

Very lucky that you forgot about it but then immediately created a post which just over baked his own answer. It doesn’t even share anything new, you just copied the documentation.

You still have to link the post, your point?

In all honesty just seems like a way to get a bigger ego; you only do it for the post likes which is crazy.


Ask yourself that when go show hate to other small developers who are trying to do something.

It’s not only me who sees your actions.

I’ll act like I believe that.

So you’re saying that linking a devforum post is better than linking the actual documentation? The documentation has more in it, hyperlinks to other parts that may help you or parts that you should know about before proceeding, but what does this post have? Just a code snippet with 0 explanation whatsoever. All you said was the name of the function.


That’s incorrect, I was inspired by someone which caused me to make a tutorial

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