Unlimited Arg's symbol?

I saw a function that had the arguments (…) and i checked the wiki and couldn’t find anything what does this mean and how is it used?

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That is used with a function that could possibly have more arguments.

function(…) could have 2 args, or 5 args. That’s up to you to configure.

local function hi(...)
local args = {...}
return args

for i,v in pairs(hi("hello","world")) do

Output: helloworld

Here’s the relevant roblox wiki page Functions | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
and from the Lua wiki lua-users wiki: Vararg The Second Class Citizen
and from the book Programming in Lua : 5.2


This seems to be a big typo. Should be two dots. Can you confirm before I post a documentation correct?

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Yes the wiki is incorrect. The concatenation operator is supposed to be only two dots. Please do file the documentation request.

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