Unmarked Drugs in hospitals?

I have a low poly style game, boarding or isometric in places. im gathering and creating assets currently for a hospital, roblox prohibits the use of drug based models or creations, does anyone know of a case where opaque pill bottles with non readable labels that are non interactable in a game has been flagged or banned simply because they were on display?

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I think I’m this case it would depend on the WHERE not the WHAT, I think that if you put them in a hospital you shouldn’t have any problems, but just to be sure I would ask Roblox Support

You should be fine if they are only for display. I think they just prohibit the use of actually taking drugs, eg. an animation that shows you overdosing in something.

somehow it never crossed my mind to ask Roblox support lol. Roblox in my experience plays fast and loose with their rules. So this way ill have it documented if they decide to take action.

I believe you are able to call them “medicine”, “supplements”, or “vitamins”. There are many games that use medicine container models, and also some that contain references to therapeutics and other medication as well (excluding references to marijuana and other illicit substances). I don’t think Roblox is too aggressive with medicine-like assets that would act as an atmospheric detail, as you’re not attaching any meaningful depiction to those models (which is what Roblox prohibits).

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