Unmixed song, rearranged 2021

A song I made April 2020, rearranged to proper instrument.

Force Upward

It is planned to be repurposed later. What do you think?


gain could do with being turned down on Mixing-Console or music making application, nice beat though

I’m not certain about that, it is already hitting the 0 LUFS using a limiter, which is already optimal. Perhaps it’s one of the frequencies being obnoxious. I could tweak that down, but I don’t hear anything that should be tweaked.

I mean, what audio interface do you use? Or do you not use physical equipment for song making

Then again it could just be my headphones and volume, you never know

I actually tested the audio on two devices, no issues whatsoever. I use a digital audio workstation, which shouldn’t be an issue. It could be your equipment. Check it.

Ill go check my gear, just im doing live lesson right now