Unnecessary vertices linked with just parts?

So yeah. I was fiddling around with blender to clean up the duplicate vertices created in CSG and actually went up to check just a part so I could bevel it (had correct size and position already). But here is what I found in that part:

Is there a reason to why there are duplicate vertices in just a single part instanced by roblox studio?


You can remove all duplicates of any form (Vertices, Faces, or Edges) by going into edit mode, and highlighting everything. Then click the tools tab and scroll down until you find Remove Doubles.
Edit: I don’t understand why Roblox would have this issue, seems very inefficient to me but at least you can solve this issue by importing into Blender.


Yeah I know how to do that. I was just wondering why a basic rectangular prism would contain so many vertices.

See the thing is, too many meshes have a longer load time which can be a huge turn-off for a lot of players.

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I agree with this. This has been one of my main pushes for downloadable (but secure) games. When I say secure I mean that other players wouldn’t be able to get their hands on a copy of your game. Roblox tries to push online streaming so much but to a lot of players it is a disadvantage.

With a small vertices mesh like that, there shouldn’t any issues with load times especially if you plan on duplicating it in game for better optimization. I would recommend this because using many small meshes is very bad server wise and there are simple solutions to fix that.

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Reimporting the part as a mesh with the duplicate vertices removed limits much of the functionality/appearance options you would have with just a normal part.

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And that is another reason I wish Roblox had better collisions for meshes.

It’s not possible to keep it both “secure” and allow even using or viewing parts of your game. It’s not even “secure” right now – I can download all of your meshes and sounds right now, and I can copy all of the Instances and scripts that show up on the client. Downloadable games would be no different in that manner, except that everything would be in one place already.

Notably, you already download non-Roblox games, and those are not “secure”. You can steal all the meshes, images, and sounds you want from them. You can also get sued by their company’s lawyers when you redistribute those assets. Games are only “secure” because of copyright laws in the legal system. It is impossible to have assets technically secure and render them locally.

I’m pretty sure Roblox already caches images, meshes, and sounds on the file system after the first time playing the game. Check out %localappdata%\Temp\Roblox. Those look like asset hashes that Roblox uses internally to organize assets. I’m not sure how often this cache is cleared because all of the dates are surprisingly recent. A good route to decreasing loading times would be to cache assets on the file system for longer.


I tried recreating this in Blender and noticed something.

Before removing doubles, this is what the part looks like in a render.

After removing doubles (16 vertices removed)

It looks like these vertices had something to do with the surface normals of the part. Not sure what exactly they do though.

Unless they reply and give a valid reason, I can’t really think of anything. The shading from blender doesn’t apply to which you import the mesh into Roblox.

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Apologies for the bump, but these weird shadows are visible because you have “Auto Smooth” enabled.

I also have to agree with this post, excess vertices don’t seem to effective to me.