Unnecessary Website Details

Game Page: Store
The fact that there are no gamepasses or catalog gear for sale, the titles “Passes for this game” and “Gear for this game” seem unnecessary.

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Inventory Items: Favorite Games
This has been brought up before in this post. There are games with paid access, but this is usually discovered on the game page itself. The label “Offsale” is misleading and can have different implications on new users.

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Develop Page: Asset Library
Majority of the assets seen on the asset library are free so the presence of an indicator is not needed. Although there are assets that can’t be added to your inventory, simply darkening the name of model could be a better design.

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One More Tiny Detail: The Robux Indicator
This is not really unnecessary, but I seemed redundant.

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or simply clicking the R$ logo will take you to the robux page.

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