Unofficial Blizzard Helicopter System Documentation 2021 [R9U3]

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The Unofficial Polarstar Studios’ Blizzard Helicopter System Documentation

Welcome to the Unofficial Polarstar Studios Blizzard Helicopter System Documentation. Here, you’ll be directed through a written, step-by-step, guide on how to install Blizzard Systems into your game, and use them!

:warning: Note: You require a Military Simulator Industries account to use any of Polarstar Studios’ products. You may find the Military Simulator Industries group here. I also recommend you join Polarstar Studios group & it’s communications link which can be found under it’s group, found here.

Section I: Contents

This documentation contains:

  • an installation guide;
  • a fix to some common errors;
  • frequently asked questions; and
  • somewhat useful links.

Section II: Definitions & Abbreviations

For the sake of my braincells, I’ve abbreviated some terms. You’ll find some below:

MSI Military Simulator Industries
PS Polarstar Studios
PSS Polarstar Studios Support
PSD Polarstar Studios Discord

For the sake of your braincells, I’ve defined some terms. You’ll find them below:

bind the action of connecting your game to MSI’s world.
suspended skill issue (basically msi suspended your whitelist, contact them not me!!!)
activated MSI staff have accepted your whitelist.
pending Your whitelist is under review by MSI staff.
http services is when high tanks’ temperature peers via services.
tos thermos of sudan, you must agree to tos before using msi stuff

Section 1: Installation

:one: Step 1 - After MSI has accepted your whitelist, you can now use MSI-secured products in your games or groups. Head over to the #blizzard-releases channel (Channel ID: 632880202074030080) and navigate to the BlizzardR9U3_Offical_Release.rbxl file, and download it.

TIP: Can't see the #blizzard-releases channel? Say '+gr' in the bot commands channel!

:two: Step 2 - After you’ve downloaded the R9U3 release file, navigate to the game you want to install the Blizzard Helicopter System into. Make sure the game is published to ROBLOX! Next, you’re going to want to use the MSIConnect plugin. This will bind your game, allowing you to fly expensive lego helicopters (scientifically proven 9/10 blizzard owners don’t know how to bind).


:exclamation: AFTER YOU PUBLISHED TO ROBLOX, CLOSE & REOPEN YOUR GAME - YES, CLOSE ROBLOX STUDIO AND REOPEN IT! The MSI bot will not be able to find any valid whitelist records if you don’t!

ENABLE. HTTP. SERVICES. This can be done by navigating to Home > Game Settings > Security.

Now, you’ll need to open the MSIConnect plugin, and the output window. It should look similar to this:

Source 2: what your stuff should look like

Next, insert your ROBLOX username & your API Key.


Now, hit “Generate Code”. Now, the beloved “Output” window will show something like this:

Source 3: what your output window should look like after you press “Generate Code”.

Right-click and click copy, or press CTRL + C.

Go the the Military Simulator Industries Discord Bot Direct Messages and say +bind [your output code here]. Make sure to remove the numbers at the beginning and the “Edit” at the end:
image image

After you’ve done so, you should recieve a reply:

Source 4: Oh no! It seems the MSI-Key eating monster has eaten a chunk of my key!


Paste the key you’ve recieved into the MSI plugin which should now look like this:

Hit “Install MSI”, and it will install relevant MSI components into your game.

:exclamation: Protip: if you have 5 braincells, you can head over to ServerScriptService, and check for "MSIConnectV3"
If it is there, it means you’ve successfully wasted 2 braincells binding your game! Well done!

:three: Step 3 - Remember that Blizzard file you downloaded earlier? Yeah, well, we kind of need that now… Open it up! Once it’s opened, you should see something like this:

Make sure your “Explorer” tab is open (can be found under View > Explorer).

Next, copy all the scripts, folders and tools you see before your eyes. Drag em over if you’d like, it works by doing CTRL + C, CTRL + V aswell. Make sure to put them in their correct category or whatever they’re called.


You should have copied them into the game you binded (the one that has MSIConnectV3 inside of it).

Next, you’re going to want to copy & paste all the helicopters & turrets you wanna use.

select them and press CTRL C and then CTRL V in that binded game thing

bam you’re like 90% done.

hey? where’s the other 10% ?!?!?!?!?!

:four: Step 4 - Publish. To. Roblox. It’s not that hard!

After you’ve published, test your game in-game, not in Studio.

Helicopters should not spawn automatically. The Develoepr Console ingame, it should look like this:

Helicopters should load, and rotors should spin:

Turrets should work:

Section 2: Troubleshooting

omg halp it not working?! This, also called “didnotinstallcorrectlyitis”, occurs when an individual is negligent and has not installed Blizzard correctly. Our mega friendly support team run by @jjoke_jkl would be delighted in helping you.

Error 403 generally found in the output, this means that you, as a user, have insufficient permissions to do an action. Error 403 would generally occur if someone who does not own a whitelist attempt to bind a game.

My helicopters no work inside ROBLOX Studio!? For security reasons, you can only use Blizzard Systems in an actual ROBLOX Game, not in Studio.

Section 3: FAQ

Q: When will my whitelist be accepted?
when msi staff decides to look at it

Q: why is my whitelist suspended?
because amogus. MSI will suspend your whitelist if you copy MSIConnectV3 or make edits to it, or break Terms of Service.

Section 4: Useful Links