Unofficial Concept Design: DevCodes

To be very clear, this is concept art and not official artwork nor is the idea is a thing to my knowledge.

After reading a developer Tweet on wanting Developer Codes, so I decided it would be great idea to see what it would look like if developer had their own codes like content creators.

So, I created the DevCode, there are two versions so far.
Both versions contains little Easter eggs which you may enjoy finding.

Above: Version 1

Above: Version 2

I’d love to get some feedback on these designs. I’m somewhat new to the space of graphics design and I’d love to see what people think about the design.

EDIT: While there are Easter eggs in these images, those are not the focus of this thread. I’m looking primarily of feedback. Feel free to DM me or include as a small part of your constructive feedback. I don’t want it to take over the thread.


Wow! That’s nice.

V2 it’s better on my opinion tho.


I feel like you should have the tilted text lines on both sides and the Dev Code in the middle.

Dev Codes would be amazing tho.

Where are the Easter eggs?


Interesting idea for sure. I based the design based on the official Roblox star codes (Use code EB1) which doesn’t tilt.

But quickly tilting the text to a very special angle, it created this effect

Sounds like a great feature request.

Now, there is only 2 or 3 on the main images, the version you asked for contain a special extra Easter egg, “a very special angle”

Could you provide further details and talk further about your feelings, it’s not super helpful.

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Well, thats kinda nice, good luck with that.

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The style is very modern and thats good, try to make kinda futuristic, in my opinion you dont need to change, its everything beautiful.

Is there any place to send the easter eggs? Also, how do i make that?

i am new here.

Feel free to DM me or include with your constructive feedback (just try to make it not so obvious and clear it’s a spolier). As for the formatting, head to


I got this out of the small text at the bottom. I still don’t know what it is “7261696c2e776f726b73”


Looks good! Perhaps bring the text/images on the right inwards slightly further inwards from the edge, but other than that it looks amazing:)

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Hmmm, maybe something like this? 10px from the right as a group



It turns into! :stuck_out_tongue:

82 111 98 108 111 120 + 32 68 101 118 101 108 111 112 101 114 turns into Roblox Developer!

This has been an idea I’ve thought about. And it would be really nice if Roblox added it.

That looks perfect! Now all we need is Roblox to add Dev codes:)

Wow…Amazing! That is really good, I totally think you should pitch that idea to Roblox!