Unofficial Public Discord server for Roblox API

Our server began in 2017 with the main focal point to be a community resource that unified all open-source Roblox API libraries under a singular domain. Throughout the years, the server has grown to encompass a bunch of different libraries and the communities (cumulative 1k+ users) that support them.

As a result, it has been decided to open up the server to the public while attempting to keep useful and non-malicious information relevant.

How do I join this server?

Read the instructions below.

  • If you do not have an account, please create one on their website.

  • According to Discord’s Terms of Service, you must be 13+ years or older. If it is found out that you are below the age of 13, you’ll be removed from the server & reported to Discord accordingly.

  • If you meet the two bullet point above, feel free to join the server by clicking here.

Verification: Verification is not required so, if you want to stay somewhat anonymous and not have people know your Roblox user, this is perfectly acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the server owned or managed by Roblox (and/or Staff)?

  • No. This is purely a community run by the community.

Can the server be used for malicious reasons such as finding exploits, actively pursue API abuse, etc?

  • No. We have a strict policy that discourages this. The server is meant as a resource to help third-party applications better interface with Roblox through their API. It’s expected that what you’re doing is ethical. If it is not, you’ll be banned from the server.

I have an open-source library that interfaces with the Roblox API. I would love to have it featured in the server, how can I go about doing that?

  • Contact me via DMs on the Devforum or contact a moderator in the server.

The server is inactive is this normal?

  • The server’s activity is purely based on asking questions about the API or to discuss code-related topics. It is not a place to troll or otherwise show toxic behavior. This server more mature than an average Roblox server. We’d like to keep it that way.

Yall should join it. Sanjay is a great person. :slight_smile:

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