Unprotected Error In Call to Lua API (Not enough memory)

When I open one of the games I’m working on in Team Create, and then try to use ‘Play in window’, after loading for about 30 seconds I get this error in the console:

Then studio crashes.

This is unusual for two reasons:

  1. This game has been pretty much untouched for three months due to having other priorities, but before those three months this game would run play-in-window on the same machine just fine.
  2. Studio is only using 3.2gb of memory, when a further 3.5gb of memory are still free and unused on my system.

Studio uses about 2.3gb of RAM while the game is loaded in team create and not being ran in window.

Edit: Should have checked this before posting, but just checked now and the game runs fine if I use the local server option instead.

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