Unread Topics Feature Request

Currently there is a feature that allows you to see new posts on topics you have already read, better known as the unread feature. While this is very helpful, there is currently no feature that allows you to see all the topics that you have not read. My request would be having the ability to change your Unread tab from unread posts to unread topics.

Example: Say you had been away from the Devforum for a while, and while you were gone your friends had linked you some important topics from the announcements category. When you come back to browse the site, you find that you have to search to find the ones you have not read instead of just clicking them in order.

This is a problem that I have faced myself before, and I feel that if we were to add this then it would increase the overall accessibility for the Devforum itself.

Please let me know what you think about this, I will try to read and answer them all meticulously.

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Take a look at the preferences tab in your account settings;


Well, I feel silly! Thanks for the help.

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