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Hope this is the correct category

Hi everyone, as a Roblox DevForum member i saw literally a lot of topics, something like five hundred i guess.
Some on the popular section, others on the new section and so on, but sometimes there are some topic, for example a scripting issue or helping that doesn’t have any answer, and i’m not talking about the correct answer that is the solution i’m talking about 0 replies, users being ignorated and then their topic in a couple of hours can’t be found again.

how many times this happened to me? Sometimes, not gonna lie, and how many times this happened to you?
I know that sometimes poeple just don’t know what and how to reply and they just don’t want to be a problem adding a reply that doesn’t help in any way but i thinked for a solution.

Adding a “Unreplied” section for filter, so people who wants to help for the ones who are still in trouble and only with themself now can search for them and help.

Scripting Support > New/Popular/Unreaded/Unreplied and maybe add the possibilty to filter also the number of replies

Example 2
Scripting Support > Unreplied > 0 replies/ < 2 replies/ < 5 replies/ < 10 replies

Or just adding the “Unreplied” Filter inside the Unsolved/Solved section

Pretty simple but hope this can help for everyone who had a issue like this and sometime the only way to go on is creating another topic with the same issue and same questions

Thank you all for reading and sorry for my bad English

This seems to be too generic of a feature for something to be implemented by Roblox. This forum uses a software called Discourse, so you might want to ask them instead:


If you’re looking for unsolved topics there’s an unsolved filter on the new page next to the Categories and Tags section.

Oh I haven’t written that part, my bad.
i’m talking about Topics with 0 replies where whohever created it is just left to himself and no one sees his topic