[Unsolved] Issues with smoke clipping

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to add some smoke to my scene for the ambiance, but it is clipping depending on where I’m located. I’ve already searched the DevForum. See video below.

This even happens with high graphics settings on.

My first assumption is that I can’t be inside the radius of the smoke, but sometimes it works inside that radius and sometimes it disappears if I’m outside the radius. It is seemingly random/depends where I am looking.

If you have any tips or any other threads that encounter this issue, I’d appreciate your help. :slight_smile:


I’m not a builder, so I don’t really know how to help you but, I got to admit, that looks really epic. It’s a cantina from Star Wars right?

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Hah, no worries. But yeah, thanks! It’s certainly a work in progress and I’m taking a more interpretive approach, but that’s the vibe.

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You can use Particles instead and mess a
round with a few settings to make it look like smoke


I’ll try it! Thanks for the idea. I think the main issue I’ll have then is finding proper textures but it sounds like a viable workaround. Do you know if particles have any similar clipping problems?

They shouldn’t have any clipping problems. Try it out and come back to us if you have any problems. :slight_smile:

So what were you using for smoke, if you weren’t using particles?

Most likely the actual Smoke instance that has built-in (yet less customizable) smoke instead of needing a particle.

That’s correct! I liked the look of it.

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If you need smoke particles, here: